DS-3E welding wire precision layer winding machine (motorized payoff)

                For the layer winding of metal wires such as MIG wire,flux cored wries, aluminum wires, 

                  spray wires,aluminum alloys wires, copper alloy wires, nickle alloy wires.



                Different fixtures are optional for difference spool like SD300, SD200, K300, BS300, K415 etc. 

                Fixture for plastic spool    Fixture for wire spool


                Fixture for plastic spool   Different kind of packing

                DescriptionDS-3E weldng wire precision layer winding machine
                UsageLayer winding for MIG,aluminum,copper wires
                PackingPlastic spool or wire spool(K300,BS300)
                Wire Dia.Φ0.8mm-Φ2.0mm
                Max. Speed23m/s
                Takeup power5.5KW
                Payoff power18.5KW(for 630mm spool)
                Spool clampingPneumatic clamping

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