Belt Grinding Machine/ Sand belt descaling machine series


                This machine is to remove the rust on the surface of steel wire rod, it is installed after mechanical descaling device and before wire drawing machine. 

                This machine is regarded as a replacement to traditional acid cleaning process. 

                The advantage of this machine is environment-friendly and energy-saving.


                Model:            SDJ—Belt grinding machine

                Material to treat    Steel wire rod(high carbon, mild carbon, low carbon)

                Wire Dia. Range     Φ5.5mm-Φ20mmdepends on different model

                Max. wire feeding speed180m/min

                Wire Tensile strength        200mpa—2500mpa

                Descaling device(before belt grinding machine): Provided as per user requirement

                Max. rotation speed for belt:  1000rpm

                Motor power:      7.5KW-22KW+4KW

                Dust collection:   Dust absorption device (optional)

                Wire direction:    From left to right (or from right to left)

                Electrical cabinet:  IP54 and CE standard

                Control system:     Working separately or with drawing machine

                Motor:                      VFD motor with HENGDA brand

                Low voltage electrical element:     SCHNEIDER Brand

                Inverter (A.C.Drive) brand:        INNOVANCE/CHINA

                Machine size :         2062upto 3800mm×1300mm

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