CO2 welding wire production line with in-line high speed copper coating


                Usage:  for Mig/ Co2 welding wire production

                For the production of CO2 welding wire, with welding wire rod Φ5.5mm or  Φ6.5mm(SG-2, ER50S-6, ER70S-6), to be drawn to finished wire Φ1.2mm, Φ1.0mm, Φ0.8mm with copper coating, and then the wires are packed onto plastic spool or wire spool, weight from 5kg to 20kg as customer’s requirement.

                machinery included: vertical pay-off stand with hydralic lifting, de-scaling machine, sand descaling machine, water jet cleaning machine, dryer, wire drawing machine, de-greasing machine with filter system, high speed copper coating line, skin pass, spooler.

                wire rod diameter: Φ5.5mm or Φ6.5mm

                finished wire diameter: Φ0.8mm-Φ1.6mm 

                max. speed:  28m/s for Φ1.2mm, 30m/s fo Φ1.0mm, 32m/s for Φ0.8mm

                drawing die number : 13-15 

                Total installed capacity: 300-380KW

                Labor: 1-2 operator per line

                Production Capacity: for Φ1.2mm finished wire, 1 ton per hour



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